Southwest Austin Is Growing!!!

Southwest Austin is the fastest growing metro area according to Community Impact Newsletter. Not only is the population growth increasing but the business growth and employment is also increasing. The fastest growing ZIP codes metro-wide (from San Marcos to Georgetown) are 78748 and 78749.

From 2006 to 2010, Southwest Austin has seen a significant amount of new homes constructed in the area in relation to its size in the market. Although the growth has been mainly residential, “from 1997 to 2007, the area was faster growing in terms of employment and the number of business establishments according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns/ZIP Code Business Patterns survey. Small businesses along the retail developments, such as Southpark Meadows, are mainly responsible for the growth in employment.

Southwest Austin is expected to continue growing but not at the same rate as previously seen because of the shortage of available land for residential development. Because Southwest Austin is an attractive area in which people want to live, we are likely to see more apartment development. Commercial growth is also expected to continue, resulting in more employers, retail business and jobs in Southwest Austin.

I have lived in Southwest Austin for a total of almost 20 years and have seen many changes. It is exciting to be a part of a rapidly growing area of this beautiful city!

GOODWILL Industries – Central Texas

Did you know that Goodwill’s mission is “to provide job-related services and opportunities for people with barriers to employment”? The dictionary description for the noun ‘goodwill’ is: friendly disposition; benevolence; kindness. Goodwill is synonymous with friendliness or favor. Goodwill is a kind act.

Goodwill was founded in Boston in 1902 by a Methodist minister, Rev. Edgar J. Helms. His idea was to collect used household items and clothing from the wealthier parts of town and hire and train the poor to make the repairs and either resell them or let the poor keep them. Dr. Helms’ philosophy was  to create “a hand up, not a hand out”. Goodwill has expanded since then to over 180 cities in the United States and to over 30 foreign countries. Goodwill has become a multi-billion dollar non-profit organization.

The Goodwill stores maintain the same philosophy of helping disadvantaged people to gain meaningful employment and become independent; however, each store is able to respond to the needs of the particular community where the store is located.

Goodwill Industries of Central Texas is a private non-profit organization that was established in Austin in 1958 with the mission of providing job-related services to people with barriers to employment. Goodwill works with several other human services agencies to provide the best support system for people with disabilities and those with disadvantaged conditions that are seeking employment. More than 450 people in the Central Texas area are able to benefit from the Goodwill program each day.

If you would like to share in Dr. Helms’ philosophy of “a hand up, not a hand out” and to show your ‘kindness’, be sure to donate any unwanted household items or clothing to a local Goodwill store.

Avana – NEW Southwest Austin subdivision!!

Avana is a 1,000 acre project that is being developed in Southwest Austin and lies in both Travis and Hays County.   Construction began in November on 100 acres of residential development by Standard Pacific homes. Avana is located at the southeast corner of Escarpment Blvd. and Toll 45 SW.

The project has filed for foreclosure in the past year and has changed ownership. Transcontinental Realty Investors Inc., a Dallas-based company, owns the Avana property. Previously, this property was to be a master planned community with around 1,000 homes, an 18-hole golf course and a hotel. Now, the Avana property is being sectioned off and sold to different developers and is being rezoned for residential development only. Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Co. bought 200 acres for a section known as Spillar Ranch within Avana while Standard Pacific purchased 100 acres. Other properties may be ready for sale in the Spring of 2011 depending on the timing of the rezoning. The price range of homes in Avana is projected to be from the mid $200K’s to the low $300K’s.

Circle C accommodates approximately 5,000 acres in Southwest Austin and has over 4,300 homes with the master plan reaching completion. With little room to expand, Circle C homeowners are looking at nearby developments, such as Avana, in which they may want to eventually include in the Circle C homeowners association.